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Malitha Group: Your Premier Recruitment Partner
Location: Moscow, Russia

About Us:

Malitha Group is a leading recruitment company based in the vibrant city of Moscow, Russia. We specialize in connecting top talent from Bangladesh, India, and other Indian subcontinent countries with a wide range of industries in Russia. Our mission is to enhance the workforce of various companies by providing them with the best candidates who can contribute to their success and growth.

Our Services:

At Malitha Group, we are committed to excellence in recruitment. Our services include:

Talent Acquisition: We source and recruit skilled professionals from the Indian subcontinent, ensuring they meet the specific needs of our clients.
Industry-Specific Hiring: We cater to various sectors including construction, packaging, and other industries, providing specialized recruitment solutions.

Customized Recruitment Solutions: We tailor our recruitment processes to match the unique requirements of each company, ensuring a perfect fit for both employers and employees.
Why Choose Malitha Group?

Expertise: With extensive experience in recruitment, we understand the dynamics of the job market and the specific needs of different industries.
Quality Candidates: We have a rigorous selection process to ensure that only the most qualified and capable candidates are presented to our clients.

Comprehensive Support:From initial screening to final placement, we provide comprehensive support to both employers and job seekers, ensuring a smooth and efficient recruitment process.

Our Vision:

Our vision is to become the preferred recruitment partner for companies in Russia, known for our commitment to quality, integrity, and excellence. We aim to bridge the gap between skilled talent from the Indian subcontinent and the diverse industrial needs of Russia

Expertise in talent acquisition

Strategic business solutions

Efficient trading services


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Recruiting Solutions

Efficient recruitment services tailored to your company's needs.
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Trading Support

Comprehensive assistance in navigating the complexities of international trade.
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Business Consulting

Expert guidance to optimize your business strategies and operations.
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HR Outsourcing

Outsource your HR tasks to experienced professionals for cost-effective solutions.
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Market Research

In-depth analysis to help you make informed decisions in your target markets.
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Legal Advisory

Legal expertise to ensure compliance and protect your business interests.

About us

Welcome to Malitha Group, a multi-faceted business specializing in recruiting, trading, and business consulting. With our headquarters located in Moscow, Russia. we are dedicated to providing exceptional services to clients worldwide.

At Malitha Group, we understand the importance of finding the right talent, making profitable trades, and achieving sustainable growth. Our team of experts is committed to delivering innovative solutions and personalized strategies tailored to meet the unique needs of each client. Trust us to help you navigate the complexities of the business world and drive your success.

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Training and Development Programs

Enhance your team's skills and expertise with our customized training and development programs. Our expert trainers will design and deliver workshops tailored to your specific needs, ensuring that your employees gain the knowledge and abilities necessary to excel in their roles. Invest in your team's growth and watch your business thrive.

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ООО'' МАЛИТА ГРУПП'' ОРГН :1247700415710, ИНН: 9705226050, КПП:770501001, Юридеческий Адрес: Г. Москва, улица новокузнецкая, д 3, 115184.

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phone & whatsapp: +7996 988 35 90

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